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Waking Up in Subic

the jungle is

my backyard--I watch

the monkeys walk

my fence like a tightrope

the sunlight-filled

windows warm

my soul, chilled

by an Iowa Winter

a neighbor brings

me spicy Taiwanese noodles

in a brown paper bag, smiling

through her mask

my roommate checks-in

+ brings me coffee

from the cafe

up the road--we

used to meet there

for brunch every week

I teach

my students

while the sun

is shining--no more

2 a.m. ends to work days

I count


the days

until I can roam

the bay

+ the days until

I can see

my sweet



is coming




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Through mental and spiritual lows this year, I've been on a journey to pursue prayer and peace in my daily life.  That's what this blog is all about.

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