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Starting 2021: Where I'm At

I took a hiatus from blogging for over a month (depression during the holidays + when you're trying to finish your online semester of teaching is real).

But I'm back now to celebrate one of my favorite holidays: New Year's.

Last night my family and I celebrated the new year by renting a nearby Airbnb for the weekend, ordering takeout, dressing up, playing games, + watching movies.

It made me think about a year ago and how I was in the Philippines ringing in 2020 with my boyfriend and his family, + how back then I had no idea about the trials that were to come.

2020 was, for lots of us, the hardest year of our lives.

It's easy for me to look back over that year + immediately see all the hurt + struggles. I could list off 25 reasons why I hated it in just a few seconds.

But that's not what this post is for.

This post is reflecting on the beautiful growth and unexpected blessings of 2020, + being content with where I'm at.


  1. Teaching online learning for a semester and a half

  2. Maintaining a schedule of working on the Philippines's timezone during the night while still living in the U.S.

  3. Seeking professional help for my mental health

  4. Learning to listen to my body when I feel a panic attack coming on

  5. Cutting out sugar for my anxiety

  6. Diving into the world of essential oils for my mental health and overall lifestyle

  7. Starting this blog on my mental health + spiritual journey as I pursue prayer + peace

  8. Incorporating mindfulness practices in my teaching curriculum

  9. Starting to learn to set healthy boundaries

  10. Devoting myself to my long distance relationship without seeing my boyfriend for almost 10 months now

  11. Exploring different lifestyle changes to help my mental health


  1. Going on vacation with my family over the summer

  2. Spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, + New Year's with my family in Iowa for the first time in 3 years

  3. Being with my family for their birthdays + anniversaries

  4. Attending my siblings' sporting events

  5. Getting to meet my sister's new boyfriend

  6. Having a white Christmas

  7. Spending a total of over 7 months with my family

  8. Experiencing the joys of my family getting a new puppy that we all adore

  9. Watching my family's favorite sports team (the Iowa Hawkeyes) together for the first time in 3 years

  10. Experiencing significant growth + depth in my long distance relationship with my boyfriend despite not seeing him for 10 months + the many back and forth changes in time differences

  11. Getting to reunite with long-time friends

So when you look back at 2020, I challenge you to take all of the struggles and put them in the positive light of you surviving them.

It doesn't matter if you had breakdowns practically on the daily (I definitely did).

It's 2021 now.

I may not be healed, or in the country where I work + have made my home, or reunited with my love, but I am here.

You're here.

And you're incredible.

As my sweet grandma messaged me this morning, "I hope you have a wonderful year of serenity from our Lord and loving others."


P.S. I have lots of content planned for Pursuer in this new year and I can't wait to share it with you all <3



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