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Waiting for June

Psalm 30: 5

“joy comes with the morning”


one grows

up with the person

they come

to love

+ other times,

God’s plans are

more intricate, taking

decades for people’s paths to weave

together--these are

the greatest love stories of all

for the longer hands are kept

calmly in prayer, the sweeter

the sensation when they are first held

in prayer by another

the longer a body daily does

the Lord’s work, the freer

it falls into the arms of another

the longer lips proudly praise

His name, the tenderer the touch

of the lips of another

God was waiting

for June

for that small-town-we-met-

at-Sunday-service kind of love

the kind where he gets to know her

parents first in their Bible study

& the her-mom-gives-him-


is-history kind of love

for the longer the wait,

the greater the joy

the longer the night,

the more beautiful the dawn

I pray your first dawn together

as a married couple is filled

with light

for you waited with Him

through the long night

it’s morning now,

joy is here

*This poem is dedicated to my aunt Andrea & uncle Jesse in honor of their wedding day on May 15, 2021*


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