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"The Hour That Changes the World": A Prayer Challenge

"It ought to be possible to give God one hour out of twenty-four all to Himself."

This bold and truthful statement is what got me hooked into Dick Eastman's book, "The Hour That Changes the World".

Eastman isn't saying that there's something magical about praying for an hour, but it's the fact that specific time is being set aside to commune with God in prayer that is important. As followers of Christ, we often only spend time with God when we have time, instead of making time, and Eastman addressed this issue.

"A spare ten or fifteen minutes here and there, listening to the greatest cassette of a noted minister, or reading a bestseller on Christian growth, will never provide the food needed for true spiritual development."

I read that statement and immediately felt like

Eastman was talking to me.

I am the QUEEN of opening my Bible if I happen to have time that day and reading spiritual book after spiritual book without application.

In order for true spiritual development to happen, we need to make time to pray each day.

When I first thought about praying for a whole hour, I was thinking to myself about all the times I have prayed in bed and fallen asleep mid-prayer. Does anyone else ever do that? Praying a whole 60 minutes? Yikes.

"I could either sleep or pray. I chose the latter--a decision I shall never regret."

But if this man has regularly given up sleep to pray a whole hour out of his day, he must have found something amazing in doing so. There's something that keeps him from growing weary, getting tired, and giving up altogether.

Personally, I'm highly curious and intrigued. What would happen in my spiritual life if I prayed an hour each day?

Well, folks, they say that making a goal public is one of the best ways to make sure you carry out that goal, so this is me, setting a goal in public:

I, Mallory Bjork, am going to pray for an hour each day of this next week, using Eastman's twelve-step prayer plan (more on the twelve-step prayer plan to come).

Did the excerpts from "The Hour That Changes the World" intrigue you? You can buy your own copy here.

Are you interested in trying this one-hour prayer challenge with me? Write a comment or send me a message at the bottom of the page!




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