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Dairy-Free Macaroni + Cheese

It's time for another virtual book club gathering!

This month's book is "The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit" by Michael Finkel. This biography takes place in Maine + tells the true story of Christopher Knight, who spent 27 years living alone in the woods.

While living in the woods, one of Knight's "staple" meals was macaroni + cheese:

"Dozens of mac-and-cheese boxes were buried between the rocks, along with several empty spice bottles—black pepper, garlic powder, hot sauce, blackened seasoning. Often, when Knight was inside a cabin with a good spice rack, he would grab a new bottle and try it out on his macaroni and cheese" (Chapter 16)

Since this was a meal that Knight ate often, I thought it would be fitting for this month's book club.

Plus, I love macaroni + cheese + grew up always having it in our house.

Fun Facts: My siblings + I always ate our macaroni with ketchup. I think this originally started from eating hotdogs with our macaroni...Over time, the ketchup just became the sauce. My baby sister also loved macaroni SO MUCH that she would beg my mom to make it for her for breakfast.

Don't worry, there is no ketchup in this recipe.

This recipe is my own take on mac + cheese, with a few ingredients adjustments:

If you're looking for a meal you can make in about 20 minutes, this would be perfect!

All you need to do is measure out your ingredients, cook the noodles, cook the cheese sauce, and combine! You'll have creamy mac + cheese ready in no time.

Check out my video of the cooking process below!

I was amazed by the macaroni's creaminess, along with the taste of the vegan cheddar--so good! This was also my first time trying the gluten-free brown rice noodles.

Overall, I recommend these new ingredients, especially if you are dairy-free/gluten-free.

If you try this recipe, let me know in the comments below and tag @pursuerlife on your social media!

To my fellow book club members, I hope you enjoy this small tribute to "The Stranger in the Woods" + I will see you all soon for our gathering!

If you're new around here + would be interested to hear about our book club, send me a message or comment below!




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